Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've been played.

This whole fucking time, He knew where I was, He anticipated it and set up everything so it would end in His fucking FAVOR. I know it.

I wasn't just dropped in the middle of fucking nowhere, oh no. I couldn't have been that lucky. I was left right where he fucking wanted me to, minutes from his mother fucking base.

I was trying to get to Maryland, and I end up in New Jersey.


And to make matters better, I'm being followed. I'm sure it's that same girl who was there when I was in New York. Can't wait to find out which of YOU it is.

I've managed to find a shelter. It isn't too bad here. A little surprised they have any sort of internet connection; maybe I'm just stealing from somewhere else nearby. Who cares.

Food's good. I look clean and decent all things considered. Haven't slept in a couple days, but I'm trying.

I'm alright.

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