Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm leaving New York. As soon as I possibly can, I'm getting out of here.

I saw something yesterday that scared me. Far too much for me to be comfortable staying with Ray any longer. 

I decided to go downstairs. I felt like I had been in the apartment far too long. I wanted to get some air, since yesterday was such a beautiful day. She lives above a coffee shop, so she gave me a couple dollars to buy something and I sat at a table near the window so I could look outside. Despite the loudness of the city, there was something serene about the whole thing. 

I was about to finish my latte. I looked out.

Across the street there was somebody standing at the curb, just staring at me. I think it was a girl, but it was hard to tell from the distance. She(?) looked like she was dressed normally. Except she was wearing a mask. One of those Venetian 'Carnivale'-type half-masks, covered in sequins and blinding gold trim but still ghostly pale. 


I need to leave. I need to leave. I need to leave.

I have to tell Ray.


  1. Come back to where it's safe. Where you can finally meet Him. He will free you and you will never be alone again. Join your friend. She's waiting.

  2. Sounds like a proxy. It might be time to run. Let the word "safe" disappear from your dictionary. Replace it with "survive."

  3. Just forget everything and come back.