Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No longer going as planned.

It's been five days since I arrived in New York City.

Since then, everything has gone wrong.

I was mugged Sunday night. He didn't take the laptop, nor was I hurt, which I suppose was a blessing (who knows what could have happened to me wandering the streets of New York at night). He was a petty thief, probably a druggie; only interested in the money I had on me at the moment. But he had a knife, and my knife is somewhere back at the Amtrak station several hundred miles away from here. He took all of it. Meaning I have nothing for a bus ticket, nothing for coffee and nothing for a new weapon to keep me safe. I may soon have to resort to stealing myself. All I have left are a few crushed packages of Poptarts to eat, my books, and you.

Until I can find some way to pay, I can't move any great distances. New York is a big place, so I should be alright for a few days longer without being found. I need somewhere to stay, somewhere safer than an alleyway.

I need to cut my hair. It's freaking disgusting and it gets in the way. Another act of defiance against my father and I'm not even with him anymore? Ha. Guess old habits die hard.

Clerk is kicking me out of the shop for not buying anything. Will update when I get the chance.

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