Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hardly slept last night. Woke up late this morning. Going to be late for school again. Homework's not done.

What else is new.

Nothing like...last Friday's occurence has happened this week. But it's also been raining like crazy.

That doesn't actually...keep Him away, does it? The rain? I always thought that was just a cop-out for vlogs so that they could do "momentary ceasefire before shit really hits the fan" episodes.

Why would He be stopped by something as trivial as water from the sky?

Either it really does, or I truly have lost my mind.

Holy shit am I late.


  1. You should know that a creature waits for the rain to pass, prey will emerge after the storms.Die arme kleine Maus wird von der dunklen erwischt Rose Dornen....

  2. Your attempt to be ominous and mysterious is admirable, friend, as is your incredible ability to use google translate.

    I must object, however, to your stealing of my phrases. The mouse-child is mine.