Wednesday, May 11, 2011


from the second tennis match this week. Exhausted. Ended up pulling a tendon in my wrist, so it's kinda hard to type (or do anything) without it hurting like a bitch. But, there's work to be done. So I'll suck it up, take a couple pills with some coffee to keep me awake, and get that shit done. Because what other choice do I have.

As you may have already guessed (if you've read at all: as far as I know there hasn't been a single pageview since the last time I was here. And no, I'm not including you.) the last post on this blog was not me. I suppose I should be more worried about getting hacked again (or whatever the fuck happened), but I'm far too tired and have far too much work to do to care very much. I'll think about it later.

Topic: Dependence in No Exit and The Metamorphosis, and how this directly ties into the main aspects of existentialism.

Thesis Statement: In Jean-Paul Sartre's "No Exit" and Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis", the theme of dependence (or interdependence) between characters is played out to directly reflect the aspects of existentialism that were the bases(?plural of "basis", find another word?) of their work.

Dependence in The Metamorphosis:
~Family relies on Gregor for support--> sole source of income
~After becoming a bug, Gregor must depend on his family to support HIM as he is no longer capable of working or even coming out of his room
~Possible: Gregor's dependence on the portrait as his sole connection to the outside world???

Dependence/Interdependence in No Exit
~Characters must rely on one another to judge them--> lack of mirrors (physical); characters judge one another as to whether or not they belong in Hell (as Estelle insists she does not...initially)
~Left alone in a single room--> only connections left to society are in that room with them
~Anything else???

Isn't it obvious.

I probably should have asked for help on this when I had the chance. The response is fucking tomorrow and I don't have my act together. What. The. Fuck.

If I can be deathly ill for just ONE DAY this week, I will be eternally grateful to the higher powers.

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