Friday, April 8, 2011


Saturday, April the Second. 2 pm.

Yesterday started off terrifically. Granted, the opening ceremony and state caucases were boring as all Hell; too much sitting and standing and clapping and sitting some more. But the rave was amazingly fun, More fun than I'd had in a very long time.

Like it matters anymore.

The dance ended at 11:30. My friend was complaining of a headache, so she left a little earlier. It was way too hot in the ballroom. A bunch of kids were wandering outside. The hotel has this "green roof", with grass and stone paths and this beautiful gazebo. It was nice.

We decided to follow suit.

I don't know what it could have been. The adrenaline rush, the overtiredness, the caffeine. Evidently no one else saw besides me, so I must have been hallucinating.

There was someone standing at the gazebo. In business attire. Which at this conference wasn't something uncommon to see. There were teenagers running around in suits everywhere.

Then we got closer.

He....he didn't have a face.

Then I blinked and he was gone. Just like that.

I didn't make a scene. I didn't scream or run. I was seeing things. Shivers up my spine, maybe, and the others were kinda poking me and asking what I was staring at. I didn't bother looking back.

Slept soundly, woke up in the morning with a killer stomachache that went away after coffee and Munchkins. Had fun at the panels, good lunch. Decided to take a nap instead of going to the next round of caucases. Other friends are off doing whatever-the-fuck, one is at her IB English presentation.

I'm alone in the hotel room.

I can see the green roof from the window. No one out there now. It looks really nice in the aftenoon sunlight. Decided to wreak a little havok and threw an Operator symbol out the window just for the lulz. Can't wait to see where it ends up.

Comfy here.

Gonna take a nap now.

Journal entry from last weekend. Make sense of it as you will, with your "pseudo-philosophical bullshit". Couldn't've said it better myself.


  1. Are you ready to find the Truth GIRLIE?

  2. Ehem. If I may.

    Fuck you.

    I'm in no mood to deal with any of your half-assed attempts to scare me. I'm tired and I have placed I need to go. I have a life to maintain, however pathetic. Things to do.

    He's not real. It's a fact.

    Godden to you, sir, I must away.

  3. Is he? Or is your entire existence just a dream? Do you really know what is true and and just? Or is it only a lie that you have not found the way out of GIRLIE?

  4. All the dead voices
    They make a noise like wings
    Like leaves
    Like sand
    They all speak at once.
    Each one to itself.
    Rather they whisper.
    They rustle.
    They murmur.
    They rustle.
    What do they say?
    They talk about their lives
    To have lived is not enough for them
    They have to talk about it.
    To be dead is not enough for them.
    It is not sufficient.
    They make a noise like feathers.
    Like leaves.
    Like ashes.
    Like leaves.