Monday, March 14, 2011


Read The Metamorphosis in English, currently taking notes on Kafka and the elements found in his work. It's surprising how tedious this is.


~began in early 1920s and centered in Paris, France
~attracted members of the "Dada" community (must look up at a later time)
~sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind
~art without the intention or restraints of logical comprehensibility
~features the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur
~influenced by the work of psychoanalysts (ex. Freud and Jung)

Why are all the notes on existentialism so incredibly long? Wiki, I pout at thee.

It's times like these I wish I had something to entertain me. None of the Slendervlogs have been updated for a while--I'm guessing EMH is waiting for HABIT's Trial 5 to finish, or at least get a little more underway--but I'm anxious to find out how things are going down in MH. It's almost too quiet. Wherefore art thou, mein Ritter?

It doesn't help that I've had so much homework lately that I can't do much of anything for fun...and believe me, procrastination is not fun when you know you've got something you have to finish.

Hey, ghosties? Have you ever felt bored with life? I don't mean a regular bored. I mean a heavy-on-your-shoulders, heart-crushing, "you could write a Broadway musical number about it" type of boredom. An "I wish I could be someone else for a little while, just to see if it's more exciting" boredom. A boredom so drastic that you wish you could change the whole way of the universe, just to see if your life would have any meaning to yourself. That kind of bored.

Quick definition of existentialism: a philosophical movement argues that "existence precedes essence," that individuals must choose, decide their "essential" nature rather than having it given from some transcendent source.

Thank you, Google. Perhaps I should pay better attention to my homework. Au revoir.

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