Sunday, March 13, 2011


Wow, I sound really zoned out in my last post. Jumping all over the place...it must have been late. This is why I don't stay up unless I've had an energy drink. Last night, I had an energy drink, Pocky, AND I indulged myself in a two-feet-long strip of bubble wrap while watching Dragonball Z and German football. Yeah, I was bouncing off the walls eight hours ago. c:

Not much else to talk about. Things have been pretty calm here. The weather was nice yesterday, so I actually walked around a bit, went down to the park. Today, it's raining again. Damn you, inconsistent New England climate. I've had an awful cough for the past few.....months?....but I think it's finally starting to go away. So despite the gloominess, I feel terrific today. We'll see how long that lasts. I think I have Theory of Knowledge homework to finish. Ew.

Ways of Knowing: Perception, Language, Reason, Emotion

Areas of Knowledge: History, Mathematics, Ethics, Human Sciences, The Arts, Natural Sciences

Justifications for Belief: Self-Awareness ("I think, therefore I am"?), Memory, Authority, Revelation, "Consensus Gentium", Faith, Intuition, Sense Perception, Logic

Links: Belief, Certainty, Culture, Evidence, Experience, Explanation, Bias, Interpretation, Truth, Value, Technology

Types of Thinkers

~Obvious things must be true.
~We can easily attain certainty.
~ToK isn't important and doesn't apply to 'the real world'.
~I know the truth.
~My standards are better than any other standards.
~My culture is the best in every way.

~Nothing is what it seems to be.
~Certainty is impossible.
~The goal of ToK is to be able to be sceptical about everything.
~There is no such thing as truth.
~There are no standards by which to judge anything.
~All cultural perspectives are equally valid.

The Critical Thinker
~Things are not always what they seem to be; we must examine and analyze.
~Certainty is very difficult to come by in all except the simplest cases (and even in many of those).
~We are all searching for the truth, but it is hard to say that we know we have found it.
~Many standards are defensible, but many are not.
~I have considered several positions, and i know and can justify what I believe to be reasonable and unreasonable.

The world is confusing, opinions abound. Our common sense contains inaccuracies, biases, prejudices, old wives tales. We acquire knowledge abot the world through language, perception, reason and emotion, but none guarentee us certainty. According to relativism, truth is relative to the individual, but we often take seriously that someone may be wrong in their beliefs suggests that relativism is false. There is so little white and black certainty in the world, we must rely on judgment, good judgment. Good judgment relies on a balance between scepticism and open-mindedness. Two early criteria for deciding if a knowledge claim is plausible are evidence and coherence. Since we are what we believe and our beliefs affect our actions, if we want to be authentic and responsible we should occasionally put our beliefs under critical scrutiny.

These are the sheets I get from ToK. It's funny how it can apply to so much.

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