Thursday, March 17, 2011

Slow Day

So. No new pageviews. No new comments/trolls. Guess everyone's been out with a case of spring fever like me?

~Today was ABSOLUTELY. GORGEOUS. It hit 62 outside, which is a big deal here, especially at the end of winter.

~Covered the inside covers of one of my composition books with Operator symbols. I'm kinda upset I ended up leaving it at school, hopefully it'll be there tomorrow. ;~;

~Told off a douchey freshman during lunch. My friend wasn't feeling her best today, and for some reason he just couldn't take the hint and leave her alone. So I just went up to him, point-blank, and said "Hey, would you kindly fuck off? She's having a hard time." I'm not known for having enough cajones to stand up to someone like that, so I got pretty excited later. He deserved it, anyway. Nyah.

~My substitute English teacher is a nutjob, but in a good way. She decided to wear a cockroach costume she'd bought online for our discussion of The Metamorphosis. When we walked into the class, she was laying flat on the table with her arms and legs flailing like crazy. Definitely the hightlight of school.

I've finally gotten that three-week-long craving for lemonade out of my system, it was warm and sunny and I voluntarily wore a skirt today (HOLY SHIT) and got to go out to dinner with my mom. It was actually really relaxing. I've still got my blinds open, even though it's dark. I should probably close them.


Met a dancer
Who was high in a field
From her movement
Caught my breath on my way home
Couldn't stop that spinning force
I felt in me
Everything around seemed to giggle glee
She walked up with a flower and I cared


Back to homework it is, then. Bonne nuit, mes amis.

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